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“Singapore’s national treasure! Wonderful, inspiring teaching. Julie’s so engaging you never want her sessions to end!”


Professor Thomas Hecht, Head of Piano (Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore)

Students from Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

"I actually really enjoyed this assignment on the comparison of piano tutor method books! There are so many perimeters and considerations for choosing a method book that I have never thought of. Thank you so much for your teaching over the past few weeks. My perception of, and approach towards piano teaching will never be the same as before."

Lin Xiangning, BMus Year 4 piano major, Piano Pedagogy Module (AY2018/9)

“Thank you for teaching us! I really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put in just to make every lesson happen! I am especially touched that you went all out to help us with our poster project, and even had long phone calls with us just so that our poster can be made better. You didn't have to do it, yet your commitment drove you to it. So THANK YOU!!

I am also very inspired and encouraged by your research thesis on Piano Graded Examinations in Singapore. As a product of this system, I remember feeling happy and relieved that someone capable is taking on this big issue and trying to effect change. In fact, your passion towards the music industry in general gives me hope that there are others out there who want to make the music scene in Singapore a more holistic one - not just one about taking graded examinations. Most importantly, thank you for reminding us the importance of giving our best in everything that we do - especially in our academic work. I was feeling a bit jaded this semester and was losing some motivation to give 'my best'. But thanks to your 'continual pushing', I was reminded to always strive for the better. You've really made a positive influence and difference in my life and I'll remember our MCM lessons for a long time to come; because they have taught me much on how to be a better musician, and a better person.

Charity Kiew, YSTCM BMus Year 1 (2013)

“It was great fun learning in Ms Tan's class. She had systematic and innovative ways to learn new scores and memorise them. I have learnt many things, from sight-reading quartet scores to rare clefs. Everything in general became easier for me. She is very enthusiastic in her teaching!”


“Ms Julie is a very good teacher. She helped us to understand how to study and practice.”

“I could play various repertoire because she taught very clearly.”

Parents, Teachers and Others

“It was your insatiable passion for teaching and uncompromising ethics as a teacher that shaped us what we are today.” 



“You gave me ideas and showed the way to explore new music, to play musically than to just provide an answer for it.” 

“I woke up today, so motivated and happy, looking forward to teaching! Thank you so much for helping teachers find joy in teaching!” 


“I find your teaching skills, methods and approach to mastering the nuances in piano playing just the very thing I have been looking out for in a piano teacher.” 

“Ms Julie is just great in her presentation.” 

“Many thanks for giving such an interesting and insightful SSO pre-concert talk at the Esplanade library! I could see on the faces of the audience and from their feedback that they truly enjoyed the session very much.”

Agnes Lim & children

Philmae Chua, Piano Teacher

Evelyn Soon, Piano Teacher

Tan Mui Huang, Piano Teacher

Charlyn Too, Audience Development & Outreach Executive, Singapore Symphonia Co. Ltd.

Wendy Yee, Piano Teacher

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