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Crafted By Hand

Much sought-after by discerning professional musicians and players worldwide

for its exceptional handcrafted quality, each instrument, be it the smallest

fractional one thirty-two or the full size 4/4, comes ‘alive’ with tonal beauty

and appearance that can only be achieved by hand----those of

“outstandingly gifted craftspeople”----using

techniques and tools (namely, chisels, knives

and scrapers) and time-honoured workshop

methods that still stay true to five centuries of

tradition of master luthiers.


“By the time an Eastman Strings instrument

reaches the player, dozens of expert craftspeople

have had a hand in bringing it to the peak

of its sound, playability, and beauty.”



What is Customisation of Tone?

Clients are able to seek Chia’s knowledge and skills in customisation of tone for their instruments and their playability.


For example:

  • The instrument can be setup for the open strings and every note to have the same intensity and volume. This means the sound quality is ‘even’ when bowing from one ‘open string’ to a ‘fingered note’ (and not ‘lopsided’ which is often the case for many players’ own instruments before such an operation).


  • To balance the volume and intensity of the 2nd and 3rd strings of the instrument to match the 1st and 4th strings if the sound is not balanced. This is not done by moving the sound post to ‘compromise’ the sound.

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