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Rudoulf Doetsch VL701

Rudoulf Doetsch VL701

Rudoulf Doetsch instruments are hand crafted by experts. They are hailed by teachers and performers as some of America's best German tonewood nstruments.

"Like a high-strung thoroughbred ready for the Triple Crown, the Doetsch's sound is purposeful -- loud, proud, and good for a blossoming soloist needing a voice that can carry" - Strings Magazine.

  • Spruce top with maple back, sides and scrolls
  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs and chinrest
  • Hand applied antique-style, multi-layer spirit varnish 
  • Professional appearance and sound
  • Violin available in sizes 4/4 in Guarneri pattern and 7/8 - 1/4 in Stradivari pattern
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