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Andreas Eastman VC605 (Fractional Size)

Andreas Eastman VC605 (Fractional Size)

This model combines all the benefits of master luthiers' plate tuning techniques with the special German-style multi-layer shaded spirit varnish. The result is a modestly priced master instrument with outstanding projection, tone color, and playability. The tonewoods are beautifully flamed European maple and premium spruce, enhanced by the luminous hand-applied varnish.

  • Hand-carved from premium European tonewoods under the direction of a master luthier
  • Expertly tuned plates and for optimal sound and response
  • Beautiful hand-applied multi-layer reddish amber spirit varnish in the traditional Markneukirchen German style
  • Fingerboard made of high quality ebony
  • Available 3/4 - 1/4
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